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What To Wear To Your Yoga Class

Most of you wonder what clothes to wear for their first yoga class.

Always remember that the perfect yoga studio for you is the place where you can wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable.

If you’re worried about your clothes or you’re feeling self-conscious, just know that you’re not alone. Everyone has questions, especially in the beginning.

When attending a yoga class, ensure that your clothes are practical, comfortable and made of cotton or other natural fibers.

You will be moving, stretching and twisting lot of times during your practice. That means that your yoga clothes should allow you to move freely and easily in all directions.

There are many options on the market (socks, leggings or pants), especially made for your yoga practice. Some of them use fabrics made of organic cotton and natural materials. Those natural fabrics breathe with you and is an ideal choice for clothes that you can wear on and off the mat.

Lots of eco-friendly yoga clothes factories make their collections from recycled synthetics (such as recycled plastic bottles and ocean waste). This is certainly better than using virgin synthetics. Wearing synthetics will always be bad for the environment. Synthetics clothes are made of plastic, require a huge amount of oil and non-renewable resources. Most of all are the biggest contributor to microfibers in our oceans.

It’s in our hands to shop more ethically and support a more responsible yoga fashion. Let’s all choose clothes environmentally friendly and more comfortable for our body!

Most people go barefoot in a yoga class. Being barefoot helps develop your balance, get a better feel for how your body moves and keep a grip on your yoga mat.

It is better to leave your shoes outside yoga class but you are always welcome to keep your socks on.

Keep in mind that there is no “right” or “perfect” yoga outfit. Τhe only person you’re dressing for is you!

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